Where Do White Tigers Live in the World

Where do white tigers live in the world? If you like large cats, you will be interested to read about these amazing animals. White tiger is not a different species. It is a variant of any tiger subspecies, but the main distinction is that they are almost white. White tigers seem to be larger than orange tigers are. Their color is not too helpful, when it comes to their survival in the wild, but the fact that they are very large is quite helpful! They can have black stripes, or they can be completely white. The second variant is extremely rare.

White Tiger

• Wild Siberian tigers live in Siberia, but we don’t know if there are pure white variants of this species. However, we know that Siberian tigers in captivity have never given birth to pure white cubs. It is possible that pure white variant of Siberian tiger has existed, but this white-coating gene has probably died out over time. White Siberian tigers that are born in captivity are cross between Bengal and Siberian tiger.

• Therefore, you can see that white tiger is not actually a subspecies of tiger, but just a variant of tiger species. White tigers are white thanks to the white-coating gene. Let us now answer the question: where do white tigers live in the world?

Where Do White Tigers Live?

• White tigers are rare. Approximately, one white tiger is born in every ten thousand tigers. This can happen anywhere in the world. The answer to the question would be: white tigers can live in all places where tigers normally live.

• They can also be found in captivity. There are several white tigers in different zoos worldwide. White tigers are always an attraction. These animals are rare and beautiful. Here are some interesting facts about white tigers:

• The first time a white tiger was exhibited in a zoo was in 1820, in the London Zoo.

• According to what some researchers say, white tigers are good swimmers, but they are not so great tree-climbers. This can be related to their size. They are heavier than the orange tigers are, so they cannot climb trees that easily.

• White tigers have blue eyes. In fact, everything is lighter in these tigers.

• White tigers can have stripes, too. They can have light brown stripes, dark brown stripes or black stripes.

• There are tigers that are not completely white, but more like very light orange-yellow.

• There are completely white tigers, but these are very rare.

• White tiger’s fur tends to change color due to temperature changes.

• Attempts are being made in order to breed white tigers. It would be possible to have more white tigers if a reproduction processes would give the expected results. For example, if a white tiger would be out-crossed with an orange tiger, the cubs could be used for further breeding, and there would be more chances to have white tiger cubs.

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