Where Do Polar Bears Live in the Wild

Where do polar bears live in the wild and what is their role within their natural habitat? These beautiful animals live in the Arctic area. World’s larges bears come from this species. They live in very cold climate conditions. Polar bear is an endangered species. People have contributed to this unfortunate position of polar bears by hunting, which has been going on for several hundreds of years.

Global warming is also a danger for this species because it can destroy their habitat. It would also lead to the food deficit. Polar bears mostly live within the areas where there is a lot of ice. But they also move depending on where their prey moves. If the seals start to migrate, the bears will follow them. The food reserves for these bears are decreasing due to pollution and global warming. According to the World Conservation Union, there are only some 21,000 to 24,000 polar bears left. This number is decreasing all the time.

This is an alarming fact, since this species clearly indicates the health of the Arctic area. Scientists observe polar bears in order to find out more about this ecosystem. So what is it that can be done to help preserving this species? It is more a job for experts, but what ordinary people can do is to take care of their environment and be nature-friendly. It was suggested that the use of toxic substances that are being released into the oceans and seas should be strongly prohibited and the global warming problem should be taken into consideration on global level. It was also suggested that countries that belong to the group of great polluters should take up extra measures to reduce those activities and provide extra funding for the solution of this problem that obviously affects not just human beings but other species that have become endangered.

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