Where Do Penguins Live

Where do penguins live and why?  Let’s say something more about these interesting birds. Penguins are birds that do not fly. There are different sub-species of penguins (seventeen different sub-species, to be more precise), and the largest penguins belong to the species called the Emperor penguins.

We have all heard of penguins and most of us is able to tell about their looks; still we do not know enough. Most of people do not even know what penguins eat or where they live. It is widespread belief that penguins live within the ice areas. It is only partially true. Actually, the ice is not so important for these birds. What they really need is not the ice but the water, since they spend a lot of time swimming. They are great and skillful swimmers. They are sometimes forced to swim for a long time in order to avoid predators. Since they are not able to fly, they have this great ability to swim for miles without dozens of miles without having to stop.

Penguins actually come from the southern hemisphere, but they do not necessary live in cold areas. It is quite the opposite – there are few species that actually live within the Antarctic area. They mostly inhabit temperate areas. They live in Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, South America and Antarctica.

The largest species – the Emperor penguins – live in Antarctica. This species is well ‘equipped’ for living within this rather cold area. You can see them lying together in order to warm up. Their bodies are well prepared for the cold climate conditions. Their body mass helps them regulating the body temperature. Penguins can also live within the warm climate areas, but only in condition that there is cold water around. But there are species that cannot lice anywhere but in cold climate.

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