Where Do Monkeys Live in the World

Where do monkeys live in the world? These interesting animals are seen in zoos worldwide, but where do they really live in the wild? There are many different species of monkeys, and all of them have their own characteristics. Monkeys feed on seeds, eggs, fruits, leaves, flowers, insects and small animals.

Where Do Monkeys Live?

• Monkeys live in Africa, Asia, South America and Central America. Some species are seen in Australia, but these species are rare. Most of these mammals like rainforests, but they are seen in grasslands, plains and mountains as well. Monkeys are great swimmers, but they avoid water. Saki monkeys live in South America.

•  Some animals feed on monkeys, but humans seem to be the greatest danger for monkeys. Human activity has negative effects on rainforests, so some monkeys could simply lose their habitat.

• Monkeys are very interesting animals. They can live for a long time. Captive monkeys can live up to fifty years in captivity. This certainly makes them great pets. Once you get a monkey, he will be your companion for a very long time.

• Some monkeys weight more than a hundred kilograms.

• Although we like these mammals and we certainly find them very interesting, we should not forget that monkeys could carry some serious viruses, like hepatitis and tuberculosis. However, monkeys that live in captivity are well taken care of and veterinarians look after them. These monkeys are considered quite safe, in terms of contact with humans.

• Monkeys are very intelligent animals. Numerous shows use monkeys for entertaining purposes. These monkeys are well trained and this work can take years.

• The first monkey that ever went to space was Albert II. This was another proof of how useful these animals can be. However, using monkeys in such purposes often brings out the question of ethics.

• Some monkeys are extremely intelligent and people train them for helping patients with disabilities. For example, capuchin monkeys are specially trained to help quadriplegics and other patients with similar physical disabilities.

• African green monkeys are extremely similar to humans, in terms of psychology. These monkeys are used in various experiments.

• Capuchin monkeys are probably the most popular pet monkeys. They are incredibly smart can skillful. These pets do not make any problems, if you train them properly. However, training a monkey is not too difficult, because they learn very fast, and they tend to imitate humans. So, if you have a pet monkey, pay attention to your own behavior. If he sees you doing something, he will probably want to do the same thing. So make sure to behave yourself in your monkey’s presence! It’s for your own good!

There was a funny story about a burglar and a pet monkey. A burglar broke into an apartment, thinking that there was no one in there. However, the old lady who lived in the apartment kept a very large monkey as a pet. According to some versions of the story, this encounter didn’t go well for the bad guy.

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