Where Do Lions Live

African Lions

A lion is the second world’s largest cat. Lion is one of the animal kingdom specie that has always been used as the symbol of strength, pride and ferociousness.

This cat’s regal posture has made us regard it as the king of the jungle. Unfortunately, the numbers of these glorious cats have been reduced to little over 35,000 in the whole world. Although there were more species of lion, depending on the location of their habitat and their characteristic, today we are left with only two- African lion and Asiatic lion.

African lion

This specie is called king of the jungle, but African lion’s habitat is actually situated on the African savanna. These vast plains are one of the rare places on the Earth where we can still find this animal. Its habitat spreads through eastern and southern parts of the African continent. African lion is a social animal that lives in a pride of two grown males, up to ten females and numerous cubs. Lion’s well-organized hunt for prey is similar to that of a wolf. Females usually surround a prey and help in the hunt. Lions often compensate their lack of speed with sudden and surprising attacks. When they kill, they usually go for a throat in order to suffocate prey. In recent years, there has been a great progress shown by African countries to preserve this majestic animal. Safaris in the past were conducted with the aim to kill animals and take their skin as a trophy or to captivate them. Nowadays, safaris also take place but one can only take pictures of animals. Poaching has reduced but the number of this cat is still dwindling. This only shows that we should make a greater effort in preserving our fellow animals or we will soon only read about them in history books.

Asiatic lion

Asiatic lion can be found only in India. Its habitat is situated in Gir forest. They are little less social than African lion, so they live in prides of three females. Some biologists suggest this is so because their prey is substantially smaller so they don’t need much help in hunt. The number of these cats is so low, that we can say this sub-specie is on the brink of extinction. Recently this number has risen from 300 to 411. Habitat of a lion has been much wider, but with the human population growth, their habitat began to shrink more and more. Up until last century, lion could be found in Greece, Turkey, Palestine, Iran and many more countries but due to unwarranted hunt it became extinct in these regions. If we don’t do something about it, this specie, as many others, will be fully extinct.

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