Where Do Great White Sharks Live

Where do great White Sharks live? Sharks are incredibly strong creatures. The great white shark is very well known for its size. This shark is the most dangerous of all sharks. It attacks everything that moves in water. It is the biggest shark, also known as a great predator. The great white shark is scientifically known as the Carcharodon carcharias, but we also know it as “the white death” or “white pointer”. These names are very appropriate, since this shark really is one of the most dangerous predators. It can weight more than 2,200 kilograms and it has an average life span of 30 years. These sharks have around 3,200 blade-like teeth placed in multiple rows. These physical characteristics have inspired makers of horror movies.

Where Do Great White Sharks Live?

• Great white sharks live in oceans. They are found from 3 feet deep to 1000 meters deep areas. As a warm–blooded animal, it lives in areas where the temperature ranges from 12˚C to 24˚C. These sharks can be found in Australia, Siberia, Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia, South Africa, Red Sea, Madeira, Marshall Islands, New Caledonia, Philippines, California, Bahamas, Cuba, Brazil, Argentina, Canary Islands and in New Zealand. It lives in South Africa especially in Dyer Island, located in the Western Cape. The world’s hot spot for great White Sharks is New Zealand.

What Do Great White Sharks Eat?

• The great white shark can detect a tiny drop of blood in water. These creatures have extraordinary sense of smell. They can smell one drop of blood in (25 gallons) 4,600,000 liters of water! The hearing sense is well developed which also helps them find their preys.

• Great white sharks generally feed on fish, rays, stingrays, blue penguins, and eat bigger creatures like seals, sea lions, dolphins, smaller sharks, sea turtles etc.

• Great white sharks usually hunt alone. This shark can lift its head above water and look for its victim. It attacks its prey from under so the victim is unable to see the shark. Its dark back also helps it to hide itself. It kills its victim by biting a large part of the victim’s body. Then it goes away and returns some time later to eat the rest.

• The mating habits of great white sharks are unknown. This has never been studied well enough, although some pregnant females have been observed. It is believed that the eggs develop in the uterus until the birth of baby sharks. The delivery takes place during spring and summer. It is found that 9 – 11 young sharks are born to one female. Their social life still has to be studied.

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