Where Do Frogs Live in Nature

Where do frogs live in nature? Frogs are very interesting creatures. There are many different types of frogs worldwide. Some of them are very small, while others are quite large. Some frogs are kept as pets. They can live for a long time, if they have proper care. Frogs feed on insects and plants, but there are also large frogs that feed on small water animals.

Where Do Frogs Live?

Frogs live in nearly all parts of the world. They do not live in extremely cold climate conditions, so there are no frogs in Antarctica.

Frogs cannot live in extremely hot climate, so you will never see a frog in a desert.Frogs prefer warm climate conditions. They usually live in lakes, rivers, streams, and ponds. Some frogs live on land and trees. These species usually do not get into the water, unless it is mating season. Let us learn more about frogs and their habitats.

Some frogs live in rainforests. These species include:

Green-eyed Frog,
Australian Lacelid,
Green poison dart frog,
Northern Red-eyed Frog,
Monkey frog,
Bumpy Rocket frog,
Panama golden frog,
Rainforest frog,
Glass Frog,
Common Mist Frog,
Northern Dwarf Tree Frog,
Poison-dart frog,
Boophis frog,
Hyla tree frog,
Northern Barred Frog,
Red Tree Frog,
Marbled Frog,
Ornate Burrowing Frog,
Strawberry poison-dart frog,
Dainty Green Tree Frog,
Tomato frog,
Three-striped Poison dart,
Cane toad,
Yellow-Band Poison Frog,
Roth’s Tree Frog,
White Tree Frog,
Striped Marsh Frog,
Rocket Frog,
Lesuer’s Frog,
Ornate Frog,
Waterfall Frog,
Northern Barred Frog,

Frogs are also kept as pets, but they are also used for meat. Some cuisines have many recipes that include frog meat. According to what some people say, frog meat tastes quite similar to chicken.

Some frog species are endangered. Many predators feed on frogs, which is one of the factors that can lead to extinction.

You have probably heard of African Rocket frogs. These frogs are capable of jumping high. African giant frog is known for its size.

Do you know that frogs actually have teeth? They have teeth only on upper jaws. However, toads are toothless.

Frogs produce various sounds, in order to communicate with each other. These sounds can be a bit annoying, especially during the mating season. Males are much louder than the females are.

A frog’s tongue is sticky. They catch the prey using the tongue that is located in the front side of the mouth. Frogs don’t drink water. They absorb water through skin.

During the winter, frogs hibernate. Their bones change the form during hibernation.

Some frogs are believed to have special substance in their skin. Some of these substances are believed to be effective in treating various diseases. Many researches have been done on this, and more experiments are yet to be done.

Those were some interesting facts about frogs. Now you know where they live and what they eat. Some frogs are venomous, like poison dart frog. According to what some owners say, captive poison dart frogs are less venomous.

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