Where Do Dolphins Live around the World

Dolphins Are Incredibly Friendly and Intelligent

Where do dolphins live around the world? What do you know about these great mammals? You have probably seen many documentaries about dolphins and their intelligence. These mammals are used for shows and even kept in public aquariums as an attraction. There are even places where you can go and swim with dolphins. This is the best example of how intelligent and social they really are. This friendly attitude toward people is one of the main reasons why all of us love them.

Where Do Dolphins Live?

♦ Dolphins live in seawater, mostly in the shallow areas. They can live both in warm and cold waters. It all depends on a particular species.

♦ Some dolphins can even be seen in rivers. This is not so commonly seen, but it is possible. They are not an endangered species (yet), although there are some risks. Water pollutants created by human activity can be dangerous for them as well as for the rest of species that live in sea-waters. In some parts of the world, people illegally hunt dolphins for meat and this is something that must be prevented before it is too late.

♦ Dolphins are large mammals and their size ranges from 1.3 meters to 9.6 meters. Some of them are smaller and weight around 45 kilograms, while others can weight up to ten tones! However, they are not dangerous at all. Even the biggest dolphins are friendly toward humans.

♦ Dolphins feed on squid and fish.

♦ We know that dolphins are very intelligent. However, we are still not able to tell how intelligent they exactly are. We still have to study dolphins to determine their intelligence levels. What we do know is that they are playful and social.

♦ Speaking of their social behavior, we must say that they live in pods of 10 to 12 individuals. Sometimes they can live in large pods. This is especially seen in areas with very little food. These large pods can count to several hundreds of dolphins. They communicate between themselves by whistling and other ultrasonic sounds.

♦ Dolphins are also known for their protective attitude and great altruism. They are seen protecting humans for the sharks. They are also capable of guarding other young mammals, like whale calves, for example. This case was documented and used for further studies of dolphin behavior. It seems like we have much to learn from these animals.

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