Where Do Cheetahs Live in the Wild

Where do cheetahs live in the wild? Cheetahs are beautiful large cats, known for their speed. They are the fastest cats on our planet. Cheetahs are capable of reaching the speed of 120 km/h. If you are a driver, you can imagine how fast this is, not only for a car, but for an animal as well. Cheetah is a beautiful animal. It has beautiful head, which is not very large. Legs are long and cheetahs look very elegant, especially while moving. The color is amazing. They are light yellow in color, with black spots. You can always tell it is a cheetah, if you look at its head. You will see black lines near their eyes, resembling tears. This is not seen in other large cats. Ancient people kept cheetahs as pets. Cheetahs can be defined as large cats that have characteristics of both cats and dogs. You will see that their legs are similar to those of dogs. Let us learn more about these cats.

Where Do Cheetahs Live?

Cheetah fossils have been found in China. Now, if the fossils have been found so far away, this means that these animals could have been living in nearly all parts of the world. Today, you can find them in eastern parts of Africa. Cheetahs can be found in Afghanistan, Iran and India. They are not much different from African cheetahs.

Cheetahs like savannas, open woodlands, prairies and thick bush areas, but it is important that they have warm climate. Dense forests don’t make good places to live, since cheetahs are not very good climbers. Cheetahs feed on other mammals. In some parts of Africa, they’ve been hunted down because they attacked livestock. However, cheetahs are at risk of becoming an endangered species. Efforts should be made in order to protect these animals.

Cheetahs have been illegally hunted down for fur. This is definitely a serious problem, and it seems that there is not a 100 % efficient way to prevent such activities.

Cheetahs weight nearly 35 kg. They are more than one meter long. Their tails are long, sometimes longer than eighty centimeters.

Cheetahs have large nostrils that allow them get enough oxygen while running. Lungs and cardiovascular system is also enlarged. The tail of a cheetah is very helpful in reaching speed and controlling steering. This is especially good for hunting, and that is why cheetahs are considered dangerous predators. They are fast and skillful.
Cheetahs can’t roar as other animals do. Although they can’t roar, they can still purr.

Cheetahs are not as adaptable as other large cats. In the wild, cheetahs can live for twelve years, but in captivity, they can live for twenty years. This is because they are much safer in captivity, when it comes to illnesses or other existential issues. Other large cats attack cheetahs, or they can be attacked by other wild animals. In captivity, they are safe from such threats and that is why they live longer in controlled conditions.

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