When Was Youtube Created

Youtube Is Used Worldwide

When was Youtube created? Youtube is the biggest video sharing site on the Internet. It was created on 15 February in 2005 by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley and Jawed Karim, but it was officially introduced in November (in the same year). This website allows its users to upload and share videos of various kinds. Youtube has become extremely popular. Some statistics say that there are around 120 millions of videos being watched daily, and concerning the number of videos that are on Youtube, we believe that even moderators have stopped counting. Videos shared over this website are various. One could find videos ranging from comedies and funny commercials to educational videos.

How Does Youtube Work?

♦ Youtube allows its registered users to upload up to100 MB of video in condition it doesn’t exceed the length of 10 minutes.

♦ The number of videos one can upload is unlimited and there is also a chance to earn some money, depending on how many visitors your video attracts.

♦ This website is also censured by age, so while you are registering, you have to leave personal information about age, gender, occupation etc. In this way, if you are under the age recommended to watch some videos, you will not be allowed to play this video. Unfortunately, this security issue is managed individually – some videos are “flagged as inappropriate” and only then the moderators will ban that video. – There are some categories that can’t be uploaded, like pornography, for example. However, there are some videos that can be categorized as erotic-content videos. Security issue has also been mentioned in the past two years because some users have uploaded videos that advocated racism and hatred toward certain societies.

Youtube Pros and Cons

Unfortunately, some psychologists have determined a close link between the uprising violence among adolescence groups and Youtube videos. This case only tells us that family has to have much greater role in educating and supervising their children. It’s true that there are some flaws in the work of this website (the same is with other similar websites), but Youtube is one of the last bastions of free journalism where you can see raw materials, without any make-up. In this digital era, we need a website that will allow us to share videos worldwide.  We can see and learn many new things. That is why we can say that Youtube is also an informational and educational website.

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