When Was the White House Built

The White House

When was the white house built? The White House is the workplace and the official residence of the U.S. President. It is located in Washington, D. C., Pennsylvania Avenue. James Hoban designed the White House.

It took eight years to build the White House – from 1792 to 1800. The house was severely damaged in 1814 by the British army. Great parts of the house were damaged by fire. The reconstruction works started shortly after, so President James Monroe came to live in the house in 1817. The house has been expanded for several times.

• Theodore Roosevelt moved the work offices to the West Wing. William Howard Taft started expending the West Wing of the house and this was when the Oval Office was first created. Eventually, it was moved due to the West Wing expansion. The third floor was changed to living quarters in 1927. East Wing was used for organizing various social events. The East Wing was complete in 1946. Shortly after, President Truman started renovating the interior.

• Today, this mention includes the West Wing, Executive Residence, Roosevelt Room, the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Cabinet Room, and the East Wing.

• The White House has six floors: the Ground, State, Second, Third floor and two-story basement. Who owns the White House? The mention is the property of the National Park Service.

• President George Washington supervised the White House construction works, but he never lived in the house. John Adams was the first to move in. Ever since that time, every U.S. president has lived in the White House. Each of these great people has made their own adjustments and additional changes.

• It took a lot of work to restore the house after the great fire in 1814. In 1929, another fire damaged the White House. Back in those days, Herbert Hoover was the President. After some time, Harry Truman started renovating the house. The works have been successful and today this building is one of the most amazing mentions in the world. It is not the biggest one, but it is definitely one of the buildings with the richest history. Regardless of all the damage, the exterior walls remained the same. You can still see them standing proudly.

• The White House has also been called “The Executive Mention”, “The President’s Palace” and “The President’s House”. President Theodore Roosevelt gave the name we use today – The White House.

• Thomas Jefferson held the Inaugural opening in 1805. He was the one who started opening the White House for the public. Every year, he was welcoming visitors on the Fourth of July and the New Year’s Day.

• There are 132 rooms in the White House. People who work there use some of these rooms for living and work. The total area counts some 55 000 sq feet. The tours and visits are made almost every day. Nearly 6 000 people visit the house every day.

• Those were some interesting facts about the White House. If you have never been to visit the mention, you should definitely come and see it. You will be amazed by its spirit.

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