When Was the Wheel Invented and by Whom

Who Invented the Wheel?

When was the wheel invented and by whom? This invention is considered the most revolutionary invention in our history. We can define a wheel as an object that rotates around its own axis. We use it for moving and transporting various kinds of loads. It is hard to imagine a modern vehicle without a single wheel, isn’t it? Let us learn more about this great discovery.

When Was the Wheel Invented?

• We believe that the wheel was invented in Mesopotamia. It probably happened around 3000 BC. What we don’t know is who made it. However, we do know some interesting fact about the first wheel. For example, these old wheels were not used for transportation purposes. It served as a tool for making various goods. Two millenniums later, the wheel became a transportation tool.

• Mesopotamia is considered the mother of civilization. It covered the area of Tigris and Euphrates. The people of Mesopotamia made some great discoveries related to different fields, such as mathematics, medicine, astronomy, literature, philosophy, etc. It is no wonder that the first wheel actually came from this culture. Many literary works that come from this civilization are preserved. Mesopotamians also invented glass making, lamps, copper-working, water storage, flood control strategies, irrigation and textile weaving. They used to make weapons using metals like bronze, copper and iron.

• The Egyptian people also used wheels for transporting various loads. This invention soon came to Europe. Both Romans and Greeks used this invention for various purposes.

• The first wheel was made of stone. Wood was also used as a material for making wheels. The first wheels were quite simple. They consisted of wooden disks that had a hole. The oldest wheel we know about was found in 2003, near Ljubljana, Slovenia. According to what experts say, this wheel is nearly 5,000 years old.

Who Made the First Wheeled Vehicle?

• The first wheeled vehicles were quite simple, but they were quite useful. Moving and transporting heavy loads became possible thanks to this invention. This was very important for all spheres of life. Significant improvements in architecture were possible, because people had found the way to move heavy materials. People could also travel much easier because they started using chariots.

• It is still unclear which culture invented the first wheeled vehicle. However, we know that cultures that lived in Mesopotamia and Central Europe during the 4th century had such vehicles.

• Today, we have all kinds of wheels, used for different purposes. If you compare the modern cars to those old chariots, you will see that they still have one thing in common: wheels.

• In modern culture, the wheel is a spiritual and cultural metaphor for constant cycling and repetition. In some cultures, this is what people call ‘reincarnation’. The life cycle is often symbolized by the wheel. Wheel symbolizes constant motion and moving ahead.

• The winged wheel symbolizes some kind of progress and prosperity. In some ancient countries, the wheel was a symbol of prestige. People who had wheeled chariots were considered members of high society.

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