When Was the Vatican Built

Basilica St. Pietro

When was the Vatican built? The Vatican is also called Vatican City and Vatican City-State. This city-state is composed of enclaves within Rome. Nevertheless, it is considered a sovereign territory. It covers the area of 111 acres and has around 900 citizens. The population growth rate is rather low – only 1 %. This is the smallest state in the world.

When Was the Vatican Built?

♦ The Vatican was created in 1929, when Pietro Gasparri signed the Lateran Treaty.

♦ Although many people do not make difference between the Vatican and the Holy See, there is a difference.

♦ The Holy See was established as the see of  Catholic believers. Holly See publications are in Latin, while Vatican City publications come in Italian. Passports of these two entities are distinct: the Holy See only has diplomatic passports, while Vatican City State has regular passports (because it is a state).  Holy See is not a specific territory (in physical terms), but rather a “see” in spiritual terms. These people (Catholic believers) are spiritually governed by the Pope.  In the Lateran Treaty from 1929, Vatican City is defined as a new entity.

♦ The Vatican is ruled by the Pope. Other major functionaries come from other nationalities. The Pope’s residence is called the Apostolic Palace. Benedict XVI is the Pope at present. He was born in Germany.

♦ Vatican City State can be defined as a state within a state. It gained its independence in 1929.  Vatican is a monarch state. However, monarchy isn’t hereditary; the Pope is elected.

♦ The main economy branch in Vatican City State is the printing industry. They also make stamps and coins. However, the economy of Vatican City State highly depends on the tax, which is collected annually from the Catholic dioceses worldwide. Vatican is also a tourist destination. Being the smallest country in the world, it attracts many tourists.

♦ The languages spoken in Vatican City State are French, Italian, English and Latin.  Nationalities that live in Vatican City State are various.  Before Vatican City was established, this territory was believed to be sacred. People couldn’t stay there.

♦ Many great works of art can be seen in Vatican City State. Some of the greatest artists ever have made glorious works there, like Botticelli, Michelangelo and Bernini.

♦ Although it is a small state, Vatican has great museums and other historical places for the tourists to visit. If you wish to visit Vatican, you don’t have to worry about transportation. This state is very small and the transport is well organized. However, tourists prefer walking around Vatican City. That is the best way to see everything and feel the spirit of this place.

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