When Was the Star Spangled Banner Written and Who Wrote It

When was “The Star Spangled Banner” written and who wrote it? “The Star Spangled Banner” is the U.S. national anthem. Let us go back and find out who wrote the national anthem and when. During the 1812 War, the White House was damaged in fire. Francis Scott Key and Colonel John Skinner were the negotiators who had the intention to discuss the exchange of prisoners. The British were willing to release one of the prisoners, but they kept all three men in prison. After some time, British gunboats were attacked. The three prisoners saw a star-shaped fort, with eight red stripes, 15 white starts and seven white stripes. The flag they saw was probably the only comfort these people had. One of them, named Key, wrote the first lines of his poem.

The Star Spangled Banner Creators

The three men were taken by the British back to the shore. Key completed his poem in the Indian Queen Hotel. After he has finished, he took the poem to the local judge, who was also his brother-in-law. His name was Nicholson. He found that the words could fit the melody composed by Mr. John Stafford Smith. The name of this melody was “The Anacreontic Song”. Nicholson started printing the copies of Key’s poem. Today there are only two of these printed copies.

The poem was printed by The American and Baltimore Patriot. Other newspapers started printing the poem. Baltimore music store called “The Carr Music Store” published the melody with words under the name “The Star Spangled Banner”.

The song popularity started to grow and it was first performed in public by Ferdinand Durang, the actor. Shortly after that, various bands started playing the Star Spangled Banner on every 4 July. Benjamin Tracy, the Navy Secretary, signed 374 Order, which made this song the official melody that would be played when the flag was raised. The song was also played at various military occasions. Today it is played at sport events as well, like NFL, MLS, NHL, MLB and NBA. In fact, this is the most played tune in the U.S.A. The Star Spangled Banner is played on every important occasion.

In 1931, Herbert Hoover officially pronounced the Star Spangled Banner the national anthem.

So, now you know that the author of the Star Spangled Banner was Francis Scott Key. He completed his poem on September 16, in 1814. The flag that inspired this man to write the poem is still preserved in the National Museum of American History. Mr. Key is not remembered as just a lawyer. He is remembered as the creator of the U.S. national anthem. Today, the flag similar to that he was inspired by, still stands on his grave.

The song was played by numerous musicians and bands. Even rock stars and blues stars have played it for many times. A great song always sounds great, so who ever plays it, it just sounds right. It still sounds so proudly and full of dignity.

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