When Was the Radio Invented and by Whom

An Old Radio Station

When was the radio invented and by whom? We use this word on daily basis; everyone knows what the radio is and what it is used for. What do we actually know about the radio history and invention? Radio can be defined as a device that transmits signals, using electromagnetic waves. The radio as we know it today is very different from what it used to be, especially at the time when the first radio was invented.

When Was the Radio Invented?

The story of the radio invention is very interesting. It all began in 1878, when David E. Hughes discovered that he could actually hear sparks in a receiver of the telephone.

He discovered this while he was working on his experiment with a microphone. After more work on this, he managed to detect very distant signals. Two years later, he tried to start a more serious work in creating the first radio, but the things took different direction from what he was planning. He introduced his new discovery to the Royal Society, but they weren’t very interested.

Thomas Edison contributed to the first radio invention in 1885. He was working on an electrostatic coupling system. Edison applied for a patent and in 1891 the patent was finally granted. Several years later, the rights were sold to the Marconi Company.

Tesla was the one to present the wireless technology. It was 1893 when Tesla was working on electricity experiments. Those were the very beginnings of wireless technology. In 1894, this was demonstrated for the first time. Radio signals were sent from one building to another and this experiment was successful.

In 1895, Alexander Stepanovich Popov made the first receiver. All these achievements were spoken and written about in public, which was very helpful for their further success.

During the same year, Marconi made a wireless signal transmission system. Marconi continued his work on this system and it resulted in a great success. Only a year later, he got the British patent for radio. The first radio station was built on the Isle of Wight in England. It happened in 1897.

As you can see, the radio invention was a complex process and several great people have contributed to the first radio. Each of them had an important role in this process that lasted for more than twenty years. Out modern technology is based upon these principles.

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