When Was the Great Wall of China Built and Finished

Great Wall of China

When was the Great Wall of China built and finished? The Great Wall of China is a remarkable stone fortification famous all over the world. It was built in order to protect the borders in the North of the Chinese Empire from nomads. There were a few walls built during different periods and all together they are called the Great Wall.

Building of the Great Wall of China started in the 5th century BC. Chinese emperors continued to build the new walls. Last of them was built in the sixteenth century. The first Chinese emperor, Qin Shi Huang, built one of the walls. It was between 219 and 207 BC. Although little of this wall is preserved, it is still famous for being built by the first emperor of China.

The walls go form Lop Nut to Shanhaiguan. The fortification is nearly 8,852 km long. By the eighth century, Chinese people already knew how to build fortifications. The war period was the main factor that caused these walls to be built.

Qin Shi Huang, the first emperor, crushed down some parts of the wall in order to have a stronger control over feudal lords. On the other hand, he built the new walls in order to prevent the Xiongnus form entering the empire from the northern borders. A lot of rocks were needed to build the walls, so different kinds of stones were used. Most of the stones were brought from the mountains that were near. Unfortunately, a great part of the wall that was built by Qin Shi Huang has eroded. It was later rebuilt and repaired for several times by different dynasties. According to some historical sources, nearly million people died during the entire building process.

Some parts of the Great Wall of China (a little less than 300 km) were discovered in 2009! If you haven’t been there to see this great fortification, you should do it!

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