When Was the Declaration of Independence Written and Signed

When was the Declaration of Independence written and signed? This question requires some additional explanations. Let us say something about this historical document and its origins. The Declaration of Independence is adopted by a political organ named Continental Congress. This happened in 1776, on July the 4th.

The main purpose was to declare that the 13 colonies were independent from that day on, and no longer under Great Britain rule. Thomas Jefferson wrote this document in order to explain why the voting for independence happened in the first place. It was two days before – the 2nd of July – when he gave his explanation. Two days after, the Continental Congress adopted this document and the July the 4th has become a national holiday when all Americans celebrate the Independence Day.

There are also other values included into this act. Those basic rights are: liberty, life and the right to pursue one’s own happiness. These rights soon became frequently repeated and emphasized and finally they became an integral parts of the American value system. Even today they are considered to be equally important as back in those times.

The Declaration of Independence was adopted on the 4th July in 1776, as we have already mentioned. But the signing date has been unclear for a long time. According to some sources, it was signed on the same date when it was adopted. Twenty years later, some of the theorists claimed that the Declaration of Independence couldn’t be signed on that day, simply because all of the signers weren’t there to sign it! Tomas McKean proposed these claims, arguing that some of the men considered to be among the Declaration of Independence signers – weren’t even members of the Continental Congress at that time. He says that the Declaration of Independence was actually signed much later.

However, today it is believed that the 4th of July is the date when this document was signed. Its writers have been inspired by many ideals, so the writing process itself had to last for some time. It is difficult to say when it was written, but we know the date of its adoption. This date is still celebrated in the United States.

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