When Was Slavery Abolished in the US

When was slavery abolished in the US? What is the definition of slavery? Slavery is situation in which one or more persons are forced to work for free and often in unbearable conditions. Slavery was a warfare result that had been following humankind since its beginnings to renaissance, when slavery was abolished in many countries. The exploration era, in which America was discovered in the late 15th century, has brought many land discoveries and additionally, many nations have been thrown into slavery in the name of Christ and enlightenment.

Slavery in America

♦ America was not immune to this practice; so many pirate ships got their fortune by bringing slaves to America’s shores.

♦ Even though slavery was present in all parts of US, most of slaves were held in the southern parts. Since its early days, America was a land of rich nature resources and vast and fertile plains. This agriculture dream country could only succeed in becoming a respected country by cultivation. So wherever there was a big farm you could find number of slaves who were forced to work on that land.

♦ After a long and bloody history of slavery in this country, this practice is at last abolished in 1865 by the thirteenth amendment of the American constitution.

♦ The question of slavery was actually a main problem between south and north of America, which lead to the American Civil war. The Union won this war and after that, slavery was banned and severely punished.

♦ This amendment had caused many discussions and controversies.

♦ Notwithstanding the fact that one of the first anti-slavery ideas came in 1839, the real problem emerged in 1861. That was when the war started.

♦ After a few years of war, and after the victory of the Union, this problem came to American Senate again. After passing this law, the House refused to adopt it, but finally on 13 January 1865, this amendment was adopted and it had the signature of Abraham Lincoln on it.

♦ In the years prior to The Civil War, American south was considered to have more than 3,500,000 slaves. Although America faced many other problems during its history, abolishing slavery was one of the most important battles they have won.

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