When Was Jesus Christ Born According to the Bible?

When was Jesus Christ born according to the bible? The subject of Jesus Christ and his birth has been very prominent since Edict of Milan in 313. Well, this is at least partially true. The church was not very concerned with the exact date of Christ’s birth; it was more concerned with the date of his resurrection. Additionally, the church was holding monopole on literacy; no one could read anything without the approval from the church. In this article, we won’t argue whether Jesus Christ existed or not, there are many arguments for and against this thesis but we will try to determine this: was it on 25 December that Christ was born?


♦ The early church faced lots of difficulties when they tried to explain the concept of faith in Christianity. Although the promise of heaven for those who were meek (and who suffered their whole lives), was very tempting, the Roman Empire was a nation brought up on polygamy. Furthermore, these gods had distinctive, well shaped humane figures. Now, how to explain a man who has believed in Jupiter his whole life, that his new god doesn’t have any human characteristics and that He is everywhere. Since pagan religion was very strong and the image of Sun was prominent in this cult, the day of Sun’s celebration was “chosen” to be birthday of Jesus Christ. It was easier that people, who were already used to celebrate this day, get used to celebrate His name.

♦ On the other hand, scholars were giving “misleading” clues of his birth. Allegedly, He was born when shepherds were keeping an eye on their flocks of sheep over the nighttime, but this can hardly be the case in December when temperatures drop very low.

♦ Bible states that Christ was born in 4 BC, but this is also misleading information. Everyone knows the story of baby slaughter in Bethlehem but this happened around 6 BC. Therefore, Christ must have been born before 4 BC.

♦ Nowadays we don’t have the precise date of Christ’s birthday and there are many debates on his existence. However, we believe that Jesus Christ was not born on 25 December 4 BC as bible states, but probably earlier

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