When Was Google Created and by Whom

How Old Is Google?

When was Google created and by whom? Google is one of the greatest Internet search engines today. It is a program that searches the Internet for web pages, by using the key words submitted by the user.

BackRub and the Early Work

Google is the final product of what initially was a Stanford University research project. Sergey Brin and Larry Page were graduate students of computer science at the University of Stanford when they met in 1995. A year later, they undertook a research project together. They created a program called BackRub for a search engine. It was a program that worked with back link analysis. BackRub received good responses, and at this point the two graduates decided to expound their work into something greater than a research project.

In the beginning, Google was a low budget invention. Page and Brin worked on it in university dorm rooms using cheap computers and limited resources. They combined their limited finances to buy budget equipment. Nevertheless, they succeeded to complete their work. They tried to license their product, but no one was interested in it. Thus Google’s debut was postponed. The two collaborators continued to work on the program with the agenda of eventually taking it to the public on their own.

The Climb to Success

The first major investor for Google was Andy Becktolsheim, co-founder of Microsystems. He was so impressed by the program that he wrote out a check of $100, 000 US to Google Inc, which didn’t even exist yet. Page and Brin managed to incorporate within 2 weeks, and cash their first investment check. With investments now coming in from all sides, Google was released to the public in September 1988 as a beta (test) search engine. The site was already receiving more than 10,000 search queries a day. It’s simple design and easy-to-use format was an instant hit with the public. The test status was soon removed, and the website has since continued to exist and expand as the most popular search engine in the world.

Google Today

Google Inc is a giant multinational corporation that has expanded into other areas of the global market. The word Google has become so frequently used in every day language, that it has been included in some dictionaries. In 2006, the Oxford English Dictionary added the word Google as a verb with the following definition: to use the Google search engine – to obtain information from the Internet.

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