When Was Christmas First Celebrated

When was Christmas first celebrated? Christmas is an international holiday. It is celebrated in many cultures. This Christian holiday is a commemoration of Jesus’ birth. During the Christmas days family is gathered and this is the time for family reunions. The customs that make this holiday unique and warm are: Christmas tree decorating, family meals, gifts, carols, and of course – Santa Claus. The main features of Christmas are family atmosphere, warmth, best wishes, hope, Christian values and love.

“Christmas” comes from two words: “Christ’s Mass”. It is still unknown when exactly was the first Christmas celebration, because there was not a single date. It was celebrated on different days, starting 200 AD. We can only assume that the date of December 25th was established in the fourth century. According to some sources, it probably happened in 354 AD in Rome. When it comes to the Eastern world, the dates that are considered to be related to the first Christmas were something between 378 and 380 AD. But according to some other sources, it was 440 AD when this date was finally established for Christmas day. Today we celebrate Christmas on December 25th or January 6th (depending on calendar). Even the historiography is being controversial on this subject. Different dogmatic views are involved and often confronted.

However, when it comes to the exact date of the first Christmas ever celebrated, all we can really do is to make assumptions. Still, what is truly important id to understand the Christmas spirit and values it represents.

Throughout the ages, Christmas has been celebrated, but there were also several attempts of protest. Still, the Christmas remains one of the most celebrated dates. During the Christmas days, the economy is very stimulated. People buy gifts to each other and prepare family meals, spending more and creating a boosting effect on the economy. Also, people travel more than usual, because they go to spend the Christmas holidays with their families.

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