When Is the World Going To End According To the Bible

There have been so many speculations about the end of the world but most of people sticks to what the Bible says; so when is the world going to end according to the Bible? Almost every year we can hear or read a new “prediction” about the end of the world.

According to some, these “predictions” had something to do with numbers, so there were claims that the world would come to an end in 1999. Then, since it didn’t happen, the next prognosis was 2012. It seems that no one really pays attention to these speculations anymore.

But this subject is very inspiring for movie-making. Several movies based on such stories were blockbusters, meaning that people are still imaginative and curious about this issue. We are curious to know how the world was made and to learn about its beginnings, so it is understandable we are curious to know about its ending.

This will probably remain a mystery for all of us. All the predictions were mostly based on myths and legends. Some of them rely on legendary prophets like Nostradamus. There are many books about his prophecies. Several films are based on his work.

For most of believers, the Holy Bible remains the only credible source. The Bible doesn’t reveal the exact date, so we can’t actually know anything for sure. We can only learn about the events that will take place on Earth according to the Holy Bible. First, it says that there will be an explosion. This is a very general term, so we still do not know what kind of an explosion this can be. Melting is also mentioned, but, again, with no explanation. Huge disturbance will happen, and the living will go to the Lord to be with him for eternity. This is when the selection will be made to determine who will make it to Heaven.

If you are a believer, all this will make sense to you; if you are a skeptic – you will not be very satisfied with an answer. But the most objective answer would be: “No one can ever know!”

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