When is the Next Full Moon

If you are interested in astronomy and celestial bodies, you would probably love to know something more about the full moon; so when is the next full moon? This article will show you all the dates for the year 2010.

January – 30th, (Saturday) – 6.19
February – 28th (Sunday) – 16.40
March – 30th (Tuesday) – 2.28
April – 28th (Wednesday) – 12.21
May – 27th (Thursday) – 23.09
June – 26th (Saturday) – 11.32
July – 26th (Monday) – 01.38
August – 24th (Tuesday) – 17.06
September – 23rd (Thursday) – 09.19
October – 23rd (Saturday) – 01.38
November – 21st (Sunday) – 17.28
December – 21st (Tuesday) – 08.15

Full moon is a name for a lunar stage during which the Moon is opposed to the Sun. The side of the Moon that is facing the Earth in that time is completely exposed to sunlight and it looks round when observed from Earth. As you can see on our date list, the interval between the full moon dates is about 29.5 days.

Full moon doesn’t actually stay in this phase for as long as it seems to us. Full moon is often related to myths and legends. There are beliefs in nearly all cultures that are somehow related to the full moon. The reason for this is probably the fact that the moon in this phase looks really special and mysterious. Scary stories are also related to the full moon. Truly, it can look a kind of spooky, but can also look very romantic.

Others believe that the full moon has a certain kind of impact on our lives. It allegedly affects one’s biorhythm and people are sometimes advised not to do certain things when the moon is full. Some even claim that the body tends to react different to everything that happens to it during this moon phase, so according to those claims, some surgical interventions shouldn’t be performed during the full moon.

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