When Is the Last Day of Summer

When is the last day of summer? The last day of summer in the northern hemisphere is the day of autumn equinox, meaning 23rd September this year. While this statement is true, it is also true that in many countries, autumn starts much earlier. This is because the last day of summer is not the same in meteorological and time-counting terms.

September Equinox

• This day, or more precisely, this moment is the moment when the Sun’s illusionary path over our sky happens to be right over our Equator.

• On this day the length of daytime and nighttime is equal. However, there are some slight (slight for a human eye) changes in the path of every object in space, so we have small changes in our astronomical calculations every year. Therefore, September equinox is every year “around” 22 September, thus the last day of summer is on 22 September. This year, September equinox is on 23 September at 09:04. For the people on the southern hemisphere, this day is the spring equinox, meaning that this day is the beginning of spring.

When Is the Last Day of Summer?

• In meteorological terms, summer ends at different time in different countries. This depends on both temperatures and practical reason. This means, that many countries experience low temperatures much earlier, so they have taken 1 September as the official day when summer ends and fall begins. Practically, this is connected with daylight savings time and many other reasons connected with agriculture. In some countries, due to a calendar they use, summer ends much earlier. In China for example, summer ends around 6 August, while in Ireland the date marking the end of summer is 1 August.

• In some countries that measure time depending on equinox, this is a very important day because the first full moon after equinox is considered a “harvest moon”. Therefore, many celebrations are held to mark this specific date.

• For those living in the eastern cost of United States, hurricane season in Atlantic basin lasts from 1 May to 30 November, but statistically speaking, the season peak is scheduled to be around 10 September.

• In the US, summer season unofficially ends with Labor Day, which is due to be on the first Monday of September, so this year it will be on 5 September. The September equinox marks the end of a beautiful season, but also marks the beginning of one of the most colorful seasons – fall.

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