When Is the First Day of Fall

When is the first day of fall? There are a lot of misunderstandings about when some season starts and ends, but the answer is actually very simple. To understand this you should know that the Earth has two hemispheres and when the fall starts in one of them, the spring will start in the other. This is so because of the Earth’s rotation axis tilt. To be precise, this happens because of this tilt and depends on the angle of the sun rays. That is what makes the seasons changing on our planet. Additional to this, there are two equinoxes during one year. These are the spring and the fall equinox. For the official date of the fall we take autumn equinox. Equinox is the day when this specific moment happens. At this moment the length of daytime and nighttime are the same. After this date, daytime is getting shorter every day.

The First Day of Fall

Notwithstanding the fact that we have an official date of the start of autumn, many countries, (depending on the position on the globe) are experiencing weather in such a way that it seems like it starts a bit earlier or later. You cannot really sense the difference and say, “hey, autumn started today”, but you can see the climate gradually changing, as the summer temperatures gradually fall. And right then, there is a catch – the more you are going north the sooner autumn temperatures arrive.

This year, the autumn equinox is due to be on 23 September, so this is the day autumn starts. Regrettably or not, some countries count time differently, so their fates are sometimes different. For example, in China the start of the autumn is on 8 August. On the other hand, countries on the southern hemisphere mark March as the first of three months of fall.

What is tricky with this season is that there are many associations about it. One of these associations can be Daylight savings time. This is actually the time when we are sleeping an hour less, because of practical reasons (energy saving) and this event is scheduled a little bit later than the autumn equinox. If you are living on the countryside, many farmers identify the first day of fall with a great harvest that is happening around the same time every year.

Autumn is (beside spring) the most colorful season, which sometimes catches us by a surprise, but we hope that after reading this article, we have helped you understand why and when autumn starts.

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