When Is Daylight Savings Time Over

When to Set the Clock?

When is the Daylight Savings Time over? What is Daylight Savings Time? Daylight Savings Time can be defined as the period in the U.S.A. when we set the clock one hour ahead. Nearly all countries in the world have something similar to this. However, these dates and the exact time of setting the clock are different from country to country. There is no universal time when the whole world sets the clock, which is quite understandable, if we consider great time differences between different continents.

The Daylight Savings Time

The Earth is rotating on the diagonal axis and around the Sun, and the sunlight is available at different time for different parts of the Earth. Daylight Savings Time was actually made in order to enable us to use the sunlight as much as we can.

If we wouldn’t do so, we would be wasting daylight. Most of our activities require daylight, and the life is much healthier if you spend the most of it in the daylight. It is understandable that we have established this concept. Although it is different from country to country, all countries have similar adjustments; they are making these adjustments to get more benefits and utilities from the sunlight.

Are There Countries That Do Not Adjust the Clock?

Yes, there are. Some of the countries do not set the time for Daylight Savings Time. One of them is Hawaii. They only have a singe time regime.

When Does It  Start?

The Daylight Savings Time starts in the spring, to be precise – it starts in April (on its first Sunday) at 2 am. That is the time when you need to set your clock and turn it one hour ahead.

When Does Daylight Savings Time End?

The Daylight Savings Time ends in the fall. Precisely, it ends in October (on its last Sunday) at 2 am. That is the time when we set our clock again, but one hour back. Some people suggest that these adjustments actually take away one hour (or add one hour) to our daily schedules for that day, but there is not much difference, actually. You will sleep for one hour less or more, but that is just a small difference. If you feel like one hour of your sleep has been taken away from you – do not worry –  it will be brought back to you next time you set your clock for the Daylight Savings Time.

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