When Does Winter End

When does winter end? The answer to this question depends on the part of the world (the hemisphere) where you live – but let’s say that officially, winter ends on 20/21 March. This date is not used because someone said winter should end on that specific date, but because this date coincided with the spring equinox. In attempts to answer this question, we ran upon many answers on the web, but in fact very little is explained, so the answers range from ”when the flowers starts showing up” to “when you are not cold anymore”. We will try to give you a more specific answer to this question.

The Differences

In the next few lines we will try to explain as much as possible. In some countries, especially the ones in the northern hemisphere, snow and coldness are normal much before this date. Officially, winter start date is chosen because on this date the lengths of day and night are the same. After this day, daytime gets longer than nighttime. In other parts of the world, winter temperatures are not necessarily low as in other countries. You can even celebrate Christmas wearing a bikini – or you can wear your gloves if celebrating Christmas in some other country. It all depends on where you are! However, let us finally say more about the exact dates.

When Does Winter End

So, here is the answer. In some countries, the start of the winter is considered to be on 14 October (Scandinavia), or if you look at the opposite hemisphere, the winter starts on 1 June. Usually, winter is considered to have less daytime than nighttime and it is simply the season with the lowest temperatures and it usually lasts for three months – from mid-December to mid-March on the northern hemisphere, and from June to September on the southern hemisphere. If we would consider different calendars, things would get more complex and the answer could seem a bit chaotic. Therefore, we chose to have one official date for the beginning and for the end of every season. As we said, these dates may vary, depending on the part of the world.

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