When Does Implantation Occur After Ovulation

If you are trying to conceive, you probably have a lot of questions like: “When does implantation occur after ovulation?” To answer this question, we will have to make a distinction between certain terms.

There is a difference between conception and implantation. Conception happens during your ovulation. Sometimes it may look like it came shortly after your ovulation, but it isn’t so actually. The entire conception process is closely related to the ovulation period and highly depends on it. Conception happens if sperm interacts with egg and then the egg division starts. When the egg gets fertilized, it will stay within the fallopian tube for at least 3 days. Then it will enter the uterus. And that is when the implantation process finally starts.

Implantation is actually means that your pregnancy has started. It definitely occurs about a week after the ovulation. In some women it can appear ten days after the ovulation, but those are minor differences. If you have regular periods, you can easily count it – if you ovulate on the fourteenth day, then the implantation comes between 20th and 24th day of your cycle. In other words – implantation is not the same thing as conception and it follows the conception process, starting a week after you have ovulated (or a little more than a week).

There are some symptoms that indicate implantation like increased basal temperature or light spotting (which is not a menstrual bleeding). Those signs do not always indicate pregnancy, however. So if you really want to be sure, visit your doctor and get examined.

We have tried to explain those terms and to give you an answer, but if you are having any doubts regarding your period or possible pregnancy, you should not rely on advice only. It is all right to read and educate yourself about these important issues, but nothing can help you more than a real examination by your doctor.

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