When Does Conception Occur after Intercourse

When does conception occur after intercourse? This is something that every woman should be familiar with. If you are planning to conceive or you want to avoid pregnancy, there are several things you should know about conception. What is conception? Conception is described as creation of the new life inside the body of a female. This happens if the sperm fertilizes the egg. This leads to formation of zygote that will later become a baby.

When Does Conception Occur?

♦ Specialists say that the ovulation can be considered the first phase of the conception process.

♦ During this phase, the egg will make its way through the fallopian tubes and after some time, it will be fertilized. This time is usually one day. In case sperm doesn’t reach the egg, it will start disintegrating and it will leave the body through menstrual blood. If fertilization takes place, the zygote will reach the uterine lining. This will happen in nearly a week after the conception. Some symptoms of pregnancy can start occurring at this time. You should know more about the fist signs of pregnancy.

What Are the First Signs of Pregnancy?

♦ First, we should say that every woman is different. The first symptoms of pregnancy can occur very early in some women, while in other women these signs can occur later. In some cases, there can be several symptoms, while in others there can be only one or two. Some women are able to feel these changes very early. Most women wait for the period to start before they take pregnancy test.

♦ It is also very important to say that some symptoms can only resemble the signs of pregnancy. For example, missed period does not necessarily mean that you are pregnant. This can happen for many reasons. However, if you do not get your period in time, you will have to visit your doctor and see what it is about. If you are having symptoms like nausea, morning sickness, headache, fainting and dizziness, perhaps something else is wrong. You should not ignore these symptoms.

♦ Implantation bleeding is another common sign of pregnancy. We can describe the implantation as a process of attaching the egg to the uterus. Once this happens, a woman will start bleeding. This type of bleeding can be easily mistaken for a period. The implantation bleeding is different from regular menstrual bleeding. It is usually much lighter and the color is also different.

♦ The body temperature can be increased. During the first phase of pregnancy, the basal temperature of your body will be higher. It can stay increased for quite a while. If you have the urge to urinate frequently, this can indicate pregnancy. This happens because of hormonal changes that take place in your body during this stage.

♦ Your breast will become tender and a bit swollen. This is also the result of hormonal changes that happen inside of your body. You may also start feeling weak or exhausted.

♦ Keep in mind that these symptoms do not always go together. Some women can have only some of these.

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