When Did World War 2 End in Europe

Most of us know basic dates related to the World War 2 like its beginning and its end, but when did the World War 2 end in Europe, officially?

It started in 1939 when Slovakia and Germany started their attack on Poland. This war made a great damage and destruction on global level. Not only it resulted in political, economic and all other kinds of disturbances, but the marks it has left are remembered even today. International relations changed in the most unexpected way. Some of the consequences are still present and haven’t disappeared till today. Casualties of the World War 2 are enormous.

German aggression kept striking the globe and there were more and more countries involved all the time, in order to try to stop Germany and prevent it from conquering not only entire Europe but great parts of other continents as well. But by 1944, Germany had weakened and was not able to fulfill the planned operations. Soon the Allied Forces agreed on important strategic matters and started to make the planned operations come into reality. It was the last April day in 1945 when Germany was finally defeated. Actually it was the day when Adolph Hitler killed him self. The war was officially over one week later.

This war will be remembered as one of the most destructive and life-taking armed conflict in history. It had brought to huge changes in the world politics, demography, international relations and economy. The destruction it brought have left marks even in modern times. Its evil heritage and divisions it made are present even today in some parts of the world. Even though the whole world learnt a costly lesion, but some of the countries are still suffering from national, racial and national trauma that could never be completely healed.

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