When Did the Vietnam War Start and End

When did the Vietnam War start and end? The Vietnam War was an armed conflict that started on November 1 in 1955. The war ground included Cambodia and Vietnam (Laos). It ended with the Saigon fall on April 30 in 1975. The antagonism between South Vietnam, (helped by the United States of America and several non-communist countries), and North Vietnam (helped by the communist countries), resulted in an armed conflict that lasted for two decades.

The Vietnam War

The United States of America got involved in this war in their attempt to stop the spreading of communism ideology and influence. North Vietnam saw this war as an opportunity to release from the French influence (as well as the U.S. and South Vietnam power that those two had on North Vietnam territory). The American experts and advisors came here in 1950; however, the U.S. activities culminated in the beginning of 1960s. By the middle of 1960s, the United States armed forces were positioned within this area. Cambodia and Laos were bombed and the enormous number of people died during the bombing. In 1968, war activities involving U.S.A were at the culmination point. After this war year, the war activities started to cease, and the American ground army withdrew. The war participants all agreed to sign the Peace Accord in 1973 (January). Nevertheless, the war activity was not over.

Final Days of War

It was the last day of April in 1975 when two American Marines lost their lives at the airport of Saigon. Those two men were the last U.S. soldiers to die in this war.

1975 was the year when the Vietnam War was officially over.

Many people have lost their lives in this long war. Most of them were young (about 23 years in average). This war left political, economic, international, cultural and social consequences. It will never be forgotten. The figures and statistic data of this war are often different (depending on the context and the source they come from). However, no one can deny the great suffering and damage when it comes to all the countries that took part in the Vietnam War. Nevertheless, nearly 90 % of veterans claim that they do not have any regrets regarding their war engagement. As much as 75 % of them have stated that they would take part in the Vietnam War all over again. However, Vietnam veterans cannot deny their war traumas. Many of them have experienced difficult mental illnesses. Some of those people committed suicide.

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