When Did the Civil War Start and End

If you are interested in history of the United States, you will probably be interested to learn about the Civil War; so, when did the Civil War start and end?  This war was actually an armed dispute between the American States. It started in 1861 and lasted for four years, until 1865.

The South states (eleven of them) were the slave states and they have been trying to form a Confederation. It was also called the Confederacy. Jefferson Davis was the main figure of the Confederacy and he confronted “The Union” that was consisted of the free states. The term “free” means that there was no slavery in those states. So this war was actually a confrontation between two ideas and it reflected the need of slavery states to get their freedom and abolish the slavery.

There were only several slavery states that were on “The Union” side. Those were the “border states” and their loyalty was highly dependent on their geographical position. As you can assume – those were located on borders to the Union: Missouri, Maryland, Kentucky and Delaware.
The pre-war activities started on the 12th of April in 1861. Confederacy started their attack on military force of South Carolina. That finally led to an armed conflict and both sides suffered casualties. It was in 1862 when Abraham Lincoln proclaimed that slavery should be ended. But after that, the battles have continued. A battle with numerous casualties was the one at Gettysburg.

This war represents an important event in the American history. More than 600,000 people were killed during this conflict. It wasn’t only about slavery ending. It was also about power among the states. In the end, the result was a slavery ending but also strengthening of the federal government. This event represents a valuable lesson, not only for the American people. Everyone could learn something out of it.

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  1. Mark Douglas says:

    In March of 1861, the South again issued ultimatums, just like they did in 1820 and 1850, only now they threatened war, not just secession. In 1820 and 1850 they had not promised war. They had just promised to secede. Then in 1860, they promised war. In fact, all throught the election of 1860, the South vowed WAR if the North dared to elect Lincoln.

    WHen Lincoln won, despite outright depotism in the South, stopping real elections there, the South issued their Ultimatums — each one had to do with the SPREAD of slavery.

    They demanded the SPREAD of slavery into the territories, by violence. People in the territories had just rejected slavery – 98% to 2%. Never the less, the South demanded, under threat of WAR, that slavery must go into the territories. When Lincoln would not give in to these idiotic demands, the South attacked.

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