When Did the American Revolution Start

History of the United States is quite rich and interesting, and here is the story for those who are wondering: when did the American Revolution start? The American Revolution started in 1775 and lasted until 1783. This war is also called the American Independence War. It actually started when Great Britain and its 13 North-American colonies started a war against each other. Soon it turned into a war of great measures, since some European countries got involved as well.

The Independence War

This war represents an important part of the American history and Revolution. Colonists did not agree that they should be governed by the British Parliament unless they were given the right to represent themselves. It was 1774 when the Continental Congress met for the first time in order to manage and solve the issues concerning Great Britain and other 13 provinces. Those provinces had their own government at that time. Their requests were denied and similar thing happened again after a year. General dissatisfaction lead to forming a new nation and this nation has declared independence in 1776. It was a nation of the United States of America. They declared that they are independent from the British rule and firmly rejected it.

France was a great partner in these efforts; French people were shipping all needed supplies to the revolutionary forces. Two years after (1778) France was taking part in this war in quite an open manner. Other European countries were involved, like the Dutch Republic, for example. France was spreading a campaign against Great Britain.

During this war, Great Britain was using its naval forces to take over some of the American coasts. Nevertheless, the inner land was still difficult for British to conquer. French army provided a great help and support. Finally, in 1783, war ended. The United States of America were finally independent in governing areas that today cover Florida, Mississippi and Canada.

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