When Did Christianity Begin in Rome

Symbol of Christianity

When did Christianity begin in Rome? Christianity is the most widespread religion today. It was founded by Jesus Christ and with his birth we started to count time. In Jesus Christ’s time, Roman Empire was the largest empire that ruled over vast lands and numerous countries situated on tree continents. Those were the times of great cultural exchange. With a firm hand and harsh discipline, Romans weren’t very popular. In fact, idea of the eternal life that is granted to you if you choose to suffer in this life was received with open arms. All you had to do was to believe in Christ and you would live to see the coming of the God’s kingdom.

Historical Background

Christ began teaching his religion when he was thirty years old and by helping others and doing miracles, he gathered disciples who followed him on his way. His teachings were very rapidly spread throughout Judea, and there were many people who would gladly see him gone. After prophesying his own death and resurrection, he was indeed convicted and hung on a cross as a punishment, after which he died and tree days later (presumably) resurrected. Thus, new religion was born.

Early times

Christianity continued spreading thanks to the disciples, who had been preaching Jesus’ teachings. However, although it gained a lot of believers, the times were rough. Christianity was in the beginning considered a Jewish sect, so it was forbidden and punished harshly. There are historical proofs of tortures, monstrous murders of these early Christians who were blamed for everything from flooding to a bad weather. After a very hard period, writers who were explaining Christian beliefs and Greek philosophers started defending the church. They had a very hard time because Christian religion was based on a faith only, not on any proves. This period of persecutions and murders stopped when a great roman emperor called Constantine (272-337) issued an edict in Milan in 313, proclaiming the religious freedom. Thus, Christianity became one of the official religions in Roman Empire. Some records say that Constantine prayed to Jesus Christ before a battle with small chances of success – and won! After that he converted to Christianity.

After the death of Theodosius in 395, Roman Empire was divided. Western and Eastern Empire were created. Shortly after that, church was divided into orthodox and catholic church. This happened in 1054.There is no doubt that very important things took place during Roman Empire. The one that played an important role was the start of Christian religion.

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