When Did Baseball Start Testing for Steroids

Baseball is the Most Popular Sport in the USA

When did baseball start testing for steroids and what was the event that triggered testing for steroids in baseball? We all know that this sport is one of the most popular sports in the world. Baseball players are more than just players. They are idols as well. In addition, many of them became true celebrities. This is great, but what about the other side of the medal?

Glory and success often go hand by hand with enormous pressure and stress. This kind of stress can be avoided and reduced, but the pressure that players have before their match is the kind of pressure that is hard to fight. Baseball players are aware that there are media and fans that expect them to be good and they know they have to do their best. However, there is always a kind of self-criticism that troubles baseball players. It often leads to a feat that they will not be good enough. That is the moment when some of them start taking steroids.

Steroids have been used since 1960s. Back in those days, it was not a big secret. However, certain Major League players started taking new sorts of steroids, including ephedra.

When Did the First Steroids Tests Begin?

Finally, in 1991, Fay Vincent spoke to the public and announced that all controlled or illegal substances and steroids would be prohibited and the penalties would be harsh. A player who uses theses substances is excluded from the game permanently. However, this statement did not bring too many changes.

In 2001, the first random steroids tests in the Minor Leagues began. Major League steroids testing started in 2003.

A substance that was especially popular among sportsmen was ephedra. This is a herb that spreads up the heart and affects players’ performance. Many of them have been using it, until Steve Bechler died from this drug in 2003. Ephedra was (once again) prohibited in 2003, right after the tragedy.

Players used to take steroids not only because of additional strength and because of power, but also because they spent less time in rehab after the injury. This was one more reason why so many players have been using steroids.

Restrictions and control measures were also introduced in the Minor Leagues. These players are also controlled and tested for steroids randomly and they are being educated all the time. Many retired players have confessed that they have been using steroids. Sometimes there were even scandals related to steroids abuse by baseball players. In some cases, it affected their careers in very negative way.

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