What Year Was the Constitution Written

Constitution of the United States

What year was the Constitution written? If you like history and want to learn more about the Constitution of the United States of America, read our article! The U.S. Constitution is one of the most important documents in the U.S. history. The entire organization if the U.S.A. is based on this document.

Three basic branches of government are established by the U.S. Constitution: the executive branch (represented by the President of the United States), the legislative branch (represented by the U.S. Congress) and the judicial branch (the Supreme Court of the U.S.). These three branches have different roles and all of these roles are determined by Constitution.

The Constitutional Convention

In 1787 (on September 17), the Constitutional Convention took place in Philadelphia, in order to adopt and the Constitution. After that, there were conventions in all U.S. states and the Constitution was ratified by all of them. The Constitution has 27 amendments. The first ten are called “the Bill of Rights”. Those ten amendments were added four years later.

It was September 1786 when the Annapolis Convention was held. The Articles of Confederation had to be modified. The participants came from five states. They agreed that the state representatives should all meet in Philadelphia and take part in improving the government on the federal level. It was decided that the Articles of Confederation should be revised and improved by amendments. However, instead of revision, the Constitution was rewritten. It was also decided that the government should be re-designed. The Constitution was ratified one year after the Annapolis Convention, on September 17. Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey ratified the Constitution in 1787; Georgia, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Virginia and New York ratified the Constitution in 1788 and North Carolina ratified it in 1789. Finally, Rhode Island ratified the Constitution in 1790. Federal government is build upon this act. Functioning of the three basic government branches are designed according to this constitutional act. Crucial political, cultural, social and other ideals come from this very document.

The Constitution is composed of a preamble, original articles (seven of them), amendments (27) and one paragraph which certifies that this act is accepted by the Constitutional Convention. The American Constitution is one of the oldest supreme law acts that are still in force. The original, which is handwritten, is preserved in Washington D.C. and can be seen in the National Archives.

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