What Not to Eat While Breastfeeding

If you are a breastfeeding mother, you will be interested to know what not to eat while breastfeeding. This is not a simple question because the first thing you need to understand about pregnancy is that – different women are affected differently by pregnancy. Therefore, you must always count on slight exceptions to the rule. On the other hand, there are some things you should avoid while breastfeeding. We said “things” on purpose because, avoiding some types of food also means, that you should act somehow different from your normal behavior, but you already must know that if you came to this question.

So, the most precious thing has come into your life, and you are wondering what now. What should you eat? The general rule is that you should avoid overeating. You should eat everything moderately, and have an eye on your baby’s reactions.

What to Avoid

If you eat spicy foods, baby is going to sense that through milk and maybe will resent your milk. On the other hand, some babies love different scented milk.

Citrus fruit should be avoided, but again, if you take it moderately, it shouldn’t do any harm.

Surprisingly, some babies resent the scent of chocolate in your milk and react very well to fish products. Still, you should be aware that eating too much of fish can be harmful. This type of food has a lot of mercury so it would be wise not to eat it too often, although fish is said to have a major impact on your baby’s development.

Eating peanuts can endanger your baby if there’s a previous medical history of asthma in your family. Sugar is also among the foods you should avoid. One or two sweets are OK, but having a sweet too often may disrupt a balance of sugar in your baby through your milk.

Notwithstanding the fact that you can find suggestions that beer can help your milk quality, this is not recommended. Drinking is not forbidden if it is a glass or two, but everyday drinking will also harm your baby. If you sometimes can’t resist the urge to eat something, you should use breast pump before you drink something, so you can give your body a chance to digest everything before next breastfeeding. And remember – eat various foods moderately.

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