What is The Smallest Man in the World

Until recently, the smallest man in the world was He Pingping. He was just a bit more than two feet tall and was officially the smallest man on Earth according to Guinness.

When he was born, he was so small that he could actually be held in hand. This young man became world known for his small size and Guinness officially confirmed this in 2008. He died at 21, on March 13, 2010.  During the time before his death, his family did not notice any signs that something could actually be wrong. Pingping went to Italy to film a TV show when he suddenly started to have heart problems. This finally led to his death.

After that, the competition for the world’s smallest man was open again. It ended in choosing a Columbian young man, Edward Hernandez. Edward is only 2.3 feet tall and he is twenty four. His family says that he stopped growing at the age of two and the doctors just couldn’t tell why he was that small. He weights twenty-two pounds only. But in despite of his smallness, it seems that he won’t hold his title for long. This is because the smallest teenager in the world, Khagendra Thapa Magar, will soon no longer be under-age. He will be the one to take the title, since he is shorter than Edward Hernandez.
Regardless to his small size, Edward Hernandez has a big heart and a strong will. He once said that he is quite happy being so small; yet if you are so small or unusual in any way – you will have to be a greater fighter in life and struggle every day.

This is certainly a beautiful thought. This way of thinking should inspire all of us, no matter what we do or how tall we are!

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