What Is the Smallest Island in the World

What is the smallest island in the world? The smallest world’s island is Bishop Rock. This small island is located within the waters of United Kingdom. There are more than 1000 islands that belong to the British area. This island is one of them, but it is not an island in true sense of the word. This is actually a rock with a lighthouse on it – and that’s it! Nothing more is there, but the lighthouse and perhaps a bird from time to time.

Bishop Rock

How can Bishop Rock be considered an island? Well, it was 1861 when the Government of Great Britain decided to classify the British islands, and the parameters were set.

They decided that the size wasn’t that important, as long as an island was inhabited. Bishop Rock wasn’t inhabited, but it could be used as pasturage of one sheep – that was the parameter that made Bishop Rock an island.

This place is not very close to South-west England. But it is famous and the British people are very proud of it. But why did they build a lighthouse there? This place was difficult for building anything there.

However, the lighthouse is still there and casts the light for some twenty-four nautical miles. During the nineteenth century, they used lamps and candles for this lighthouse. In 1991, Bishop Rock Lighthouse started using automatic operations and it was no need for the keepers to stay there any longer. The lighthouse has 10 floors and it is open for visitors. They can stay for three weeks if they like.

The third floor has the control room, but the rest of the lighthouse is opened for tourists to enjoy. Tourists usually come hen the weather is nice because stormy season can be very difficult there.

If you have visited Bishop Rock, feel free to share your experience! We have never been there, but we would love to hear some impressions from people who have visited the smallest island in the world. It may seem scary to be on such a lonely island in the middle of “nowhere”, but it must be quite an adventure. Actually, it is quite safe. Tourists are well organized and they are always taken care of, so nothing bad or unpredictable can happen there. It is a little distant, but you will be safe. The view from the lighthouse must be amazing, especially at night.

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