What Is the Smallest Dog in the World


What is the smallest dog in the world? The official world record holder is a Chihuahua from Florida, called Heaven Sent Brandy. This female is only 15 centimeters long. This breed is known for being tiny. However, this dog is extremely small!  Chihuahuas are also known for their dynamic character. Although it is classified as a companion dog, Chihuahua is also a great guard dog. Chihuahua is even a bit nervous and it is easy to provoke this dog. They are noisy dogs and usually bark a lot. However, they like fun and they become very attached to the whole family. They are fast and dynamic, but they can also get hurt easily, since they are very small. If you have children, teach them how to play with Chihuahua; do not let them be too rough!

Other Small Dogs

There are other small dogs, too. The Pomeranian is one of them. This dog is a kind of Spitz, extremely courage, agile and dynamic. A Pomeranian looks like a fox – a very small one, though. These dogs are also companion dogs, great for the whole family.

The Papillion dog is another small breed. Just like other small dogs, this one is also extremely agile and fast! They are not too friendly toward strangers. When it comes to the owner, they are capable of extreme loyalty.

The Japanese Chin also belongs to the group of small companion dogs. This dog looks cute and funny, with those big eyes and quite flat head.

Toy Poodles are also very small dogs, but extraordinarily clever and elegant. Toy Poodle is a synonym for fashionable haircut among dogs. In most of cartoons, they are personification of style. According to some researches, Poodles are among the most intelligent dogs. You can teach this dog to numerous tricks.

The Bichon is a small dog for the whole family, especially good with kids. These little snowballs are very clever and loyal.

The Chinese Crested is another great companion dog. This breed was created to be a companion dog for invalids. This can tell you enough about the intelligence of this dog. Some owners say that this dog acts as if he is reading you mind. Although they are very agile, they prefer staying indoors, unlike other dogs.

Those were some of the smallest dogs in the world. If you live in an apartment or have kids, one of these dogs can be just right for you and your family.

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