What Is the Smallest Bird in the World

Bee Hummingbird Is the Smallest Bird in the World

What is the smallest bird in the world? If you like birds, you will find this article interesting. The smallest bird in the world is Bee Hummingbird. Bee Hummingbird males weight approximately 1.7 g and they are nearly 5.5 centimeters long! The tail makes nearly one half of the total length. Males are smaller than females. These lovely little birds live on Cuba.

Interesting Facts about the Smallest Bird in the World

Did you know that these small birds are very courageous? They even attack other birds that are considerably bigger. Females are especially courage when they need to protect their babies.

Bee Hummingbirds are very fast birds. They enjoy fast flying and it is great to watch them doing their maneuvers in the air. They can live up to eight years. However, there are other Hummingbirds that live considerably shorter. Many of those birds do not live longer than one or two years. Nevertheless, there were records of very old Hummingbirds that lived for twelve years.

Another interesting fact about Bee Hummingbirds is that they eat many times a day.

Bee Hummingbird female never lays more than two eggs. A Bee Hummingbird nest is nearly two or three centimeters wide. Mother takes care of the young Bee Hummingbirds all by herself.

What Do Bee Hummingbirds Look Like?

Being so small, Bee Hummingbirds look almost unreal! Their colors are green, red and white. However, females and males differ, but it is not easy to see, since they are so small. You can see the difference mostly by their size, since males are smaller than females. Bee Hummingbird females have white spots on their tails.

When it comes to Bee Hummingbird name, it is not needed to explain why it is called after a bee. They fly very fast, so it is hard to tell whether it is a big bee or a Bee Hummingbird.

These small birds feed on nectar.

There are other Hummingbirds species that are not so small. In fact, there are more than three hundred Hummingbirds species.

It is no wonder that people love these lovely birds. The sound of their little wings is really amazing. They are cheerful and active little fliers. Just a single glance at one of these birds can make you smile.

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