What Is the Oldest Restaurant in the World

What is the oldest restaurant in the world and where is it located? There are several restaurants that can be considered the oldest in the world. In China, during the Song Dynasty, there were places similar to restaurants, as we know them today. You could buy foods there and you could go there to spend time with friends or to do business. According to some history analysts, these places were especially visited when prostitution and gambling came on stage. However, there were places that could be called real restaurants. They had menus and served different types of foods, so one could choose among several menus. The Hangzhou restaurant workers had written that people were hard to please, since everyone required something different.

Old Restaurants in Europe

In Europe, the “Sobrino de Botin”, located in Madrid (Spain) is considered the official record holder. It is believed to be the oldest European restaurant. It was founded in 1725. Other very old restaurants in Europe were also founded during the eighteenth century. One of those is “Tavares” (Lisbon, Portugal). France is also one of the countries with old restaurants. There are historical proves that Henry III had a meal in a place called “Tour d’Argent” in Paris, in 1582. Another restaurant in Sweden may be the oldest restaurant in the world. It was founded in 1421.

However, restaurants as we know them today started to operate in today’s form during the eighteenth century. The first one was founded in France. The founder was Antoine Beauvilliers. During Napoleon, there were several famous restaurants. One of them was “Véry”, which had many famous visitors. Balzac liked having dinner there, among many others.

United States

During the eighteenth century, the first restaurants were founded in the United States. One of the oldest was founded in Boston – it was “Jullien’s”. The first U.S. restaurants were not much different from those in Europe.

Even today, some of the oldest world’s restaurants are successful in preserving their image. Their tradition is still being well preserved, in despite of modern age demands. For them, their tradition is their very essence and some of them succeeded in making this an attraction. Of course, they have to fulfill modern standards and meet the needs of their clients, but the old spirit is still there. Nearly every tourist wants to dine in one of the oldest restaurants in the world. If you ever visit any of these places, feel free to share your experience!

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