What Is the Oldest Religion in the World

Hindu Statue

What is the oldest religion in the world? Although this question has always had political background, we should know which religion is the oldest so we could track back our beliefs and religious customs in order to understand them better. There are various answers to this question but vast majority suggests that Hinduism is the oldest religion that is still being practiced today.

Historical Background

This religion was born in a country of a very long and rich history (some say as long as 10000 years). India has never occupied another country. Hinduism was created as a religion of diverse beliefs. Hinduism today is the third world’s greatest religion considering a number of believers, after Christianity and Islam. Majority of believers live in India.

Today, if you want to define and explain Hinduism, you can say that this religion has no strict rules on how you should practice your religion and what you should believe. Having no explicit founder, many people today practice Hinduism using various customs. This religion grants you with freedom of choice on how your faith will be like. Hinduism today consists of different thoughts varying from monotheism and polytheism to agnosticism and even atheism.  Although there are gods with anthropological characteristics such as Shiva or Vishnu, Hinduism is much more known for its beliefs in eternal soul called – Atman. You can practice yoga, a physical-spiritual activity that helps you in your meditation. Yoga is probably one of the best-known concepts of Hinduism in the world.

On the other hand, one can argue about the idea of Hinduism being the oldest religion and say that animism is older. It is true that some cult beliefs in supreme spirit, occupying everything in nature, are very old – but those are beliefs that predate every known religion, even polytheism. In 2006 scientists found the proof of a religion that is old as much as 70000 years. This proof was found in some remote location in Botswana, thus proving the belief that Africa is the cradle of humanity. This pagan religion worshiped python as a supreme being.

Nowadays you can hear different answers but it seems that a definite answer to this question is yet to be found.

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