What Is the Oldest Country in the World

What is the oldest country in the world? This question has no a unique and simple answer. In fact, the parameters are quite different and they are still being discussed. However, we can tell you about several old countries that are considered the oldest. Mesopotamia, China, India and Egypt are just some of the candidates. These countries really are among the world’s oldest countries. We will tell you more about each one of them.

World’s Oldest Countries

Egypt – still one of the most interesting tourist destinations. Its ancient charm keeps attracting people from all over the world. This country is about 5,000 years old.

Perhaps it is even older, but the historical proves we have date back to 3,100 BC. That was the time when Narmer (the Pharaoh) unified the Egyptian regions. Egypt went through different periods and types of rule. It has even been conquered by the British, but finally, in 1922 in gained its independence.

Mesopotamia – (today it is Iran) – is also among the oldest countries in the world. Some of the most prominent dynasties ruled this country. Today, this is Iran, which was constitutes as a country in 1979.

China – definitely one of the world’s oldest countries and famous for its ancient wisdom. China was founded by the Dynasty of Xia. The Quin Dynasty succeeded in unification of Chinese areas and the country, as we know it today, is almost the same (in terms of area) as it used to be back then. Chinese ancient philosophers are still being read today. We know that some agriculture we use today came from China. Gunpowder also came from China. You can read more about Marco Polo and his adventures to learn more about this part of the world.

India – another very old country with tradition and plenty of old customs that are still alive. India is a little different in terms of territory, but the very essence of this culture hasn’t changed a lot. Spirituality and inner-peace are synonyms for Indian religion and lifestyle. There are many poor people in India, but on the other had, some of the wealthiest men in the world live in India. However, there great things to experience there.

Vietnam – nearly 2900 years old. It had a hard time during the twentieth century, but this country has survived and preserved its long tradition.

Those were some of the world’s oldest country. If you are interested in history studies, these are the right destinations for you.

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  1. vy says:

    Vietnam was found in 2879 BC, older than Korea 2333 BC and China 2070 BC

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