What Is The Oldest Cat in the World Ever

The Oldest Cat in the World

What is the oldest cat in the world ever? The official record holder, according to Guinness, is Crème Puff, who was born in 1967 and lived for 38 years. This cat’s age has been questioned, but in the end, it has been verified that Crème Puff really was the oldest cat in the world.

Jake Perry from Texas (U.S.A), the owner, says that all of his cats lived for a long time, but he does not really know what he was doing to contribute to his cats’ long lives.

What Is an Average Life Span of Cats?

According to what most vets say, an average cat can live up to 14 years (that’s the average). Some cats live longer than that, but 37 year old cat is not something you can see very often. Cats are very good hunters even if their older age. Some cat owners say that cats can stay good hunters even if they are very old. If you keep your cat indoors, it can contribute to the cat’s life quality in both positive and the negative ways. If your cat lives inside the house, the chances to be killed by a car or other animals are lower. Nevertheless, these cats can sometimes have health problems due to overweight and lack of exercise. If a cat does not move enough, her body shape and health will not be o good. This can also result in shorter life. These claims proved to be true, but there were also some cats that lived for a very long time, regardless of the fact that they have been eating very fatty foods and quite large meals.

There are no rules when it comes to factors for long life of cats. However, there are some interesting facts about very old cats. Do you know that cats can stay extremely capable and quick even when they are old? When you see an old cat, you can hardly guess how old she really is. This was also the case with Crème Puff. This 37 year old cat was behaving like any other healthy cat.

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