What Is the Oldest Book in the World

Old Bible

What is the oldest book in the world? The world’s oldest book seems to be the one preserved in the National Museum of History in Bulgaria. This is actually an Etruscan script with golden covers. It is not completely clear what this book is about, since it hasn’t been fully deciphered yet. This book is believed to be more than 2,600 years old. The book was found in Bulgaria and the finder wanted to remain anonymous. He donated the book to this museum. The book was examined by two teams. The scientists that were in charge are also anonymous. This adds more mystery to the whole thing with this book that is already mysterious enough.

The First Books

If a book is defined in modern terms (we are talking about printing), than the Gutenberg Bible would be the oldest book in the world. It was printed in the fifteenth century, using the technology that was new back then.

Chinese people knew how to print books. They didn’t really print the books, but used carved wood. Nevertheless, these can be considered books.

Ancient Egyptians also left papyrus scripts that can be considered books. Their religious rituals were described in some of those and thanks to these scripts, we were able to learn more about this great ancient culture.

The Gilgamesh Tale is known to be one of the oldest literary works known to us. It was written on clay; so technically, it doesn’t really look like a book. However, its content is what we are interested here, and we can say that this piece of work can be defined as an old book. Speaking of the story told in the Gilgamesh Tale, it is believed to be older than the clay tablets it is written on.

There are people who believe that the Bible is the oldest book in the world. Other religions have their own books they believe to be the oldest.

If we consider a book to be as we know it today, than we can say that this Bulgaria book is the oldest book in the world.

However, is it really that easy to close this discussion? No! These revelations are great, but there will probably be more of them! Researches are getting more complex and every day we get some new information. However, is form so important? Isn’t the content of the book more important than its physical form?

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