What Is the Most Expensive Hotel in the World

“The Atlantis” Is the Most Expensive Hotel in the World

What is the most expensive hotel in the world? Do you often read travel magazines?  Have you asked around about room prices in any travel resort? Then there is a high chance that you have found out that there are some hotel suites or hotel rooms than per night cost nearly as you would pay to buy a flat. Yes, we were amazed too!

Due to a rise in quality of life, the need for more luxurious and sumptuous apartments has become apparent. In addition to this, modern society has presented us with many wealthy businessmen, who would be more than happy to meet these needs. That comes with a certain price, of course.

The Most Expensive Hotel

Five stars hotels started to appear like mushrooms after the rain, and prices started rocketing to the sky. When this rising trend started, prices for a luxury suite were around $1000 per night and that was extremely expensive. But today we can see magnificent hotels with six or even seven stars, which looks like they are pulled out from a fairytale, and their shape and size defy laws of physics. In these hotels price for a presidential suite costs up to $25000!!!

Is this most ridiculously costly price worth paying it? Well, these hotels certainly have their guests who don’t mind the price when they have much needed privacy. One of these hotels is called “The Atlantis”.  A suite in this Imperial hotel would cost around staggering $25000. Of course, with this price, you get the most superb service. This hotel is a city within the city. It is located in Bahamas, and its range of services goes from airports welcomes and comfortable transport to hotel to whatever thing you can imagine.

Hotel possesses grandiose business center, which can meet even highest demands. Beside this, hotel also has, most beautiful ballrooms, meeting rooms, boardrooms. A glorious casino is also a part of this hotel. Every night there, you can see fortune won and fortune lost. You can check various evening events that can make you forget even the biggest loss of money. Hotel is often a host to a various tournaments, concerts, sports events and camps. If you are romantic, your hosts can help you make any dream come true and make your proposal to the woman you love unforgettable. It goes without saying that this hotel can organize a dream wedding and much, much more.

This is the place where guests can relax and forget about everyday problems. But do you think that a person who can pay $25000 for a night really has everyday problems?

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