What Is the Most Expensive Dog in the World

What is the most expensive dog in the world? If you are a dog lover, you probably think that every dog is great and deserves love, regardless of his price or breed. This is true. Dogs are great companions and if you really like dogs, you will find that the price or breeds are not very important. However, there are rare breeds that are very expensive. If you spend much money for a dog, you will probably get a good dog that will love you and be loyal to you (that will depend on you and the way you train the dog); but there will be one thing you will know for sure: you will have a rare breed.

The Most Expensive Dog

Until recently, the most expensive dog was the Labrador from Florida. They have paid a little more than $150,000 to have their dog cloned. For this they had to pay this money and the result was – Lancelot Encore – the clone. He has been the record-holder for a very long time. Before him, there was another dog-clone – a bull. He was a little “cheaper” – the price was around $100,000. However, people who own the Labrador said that Lancelot Encore resembled the previous dog very much and they hoped that his behavior would be the same. Well, for that money, it certainly should be.

These dogs are expensive, but none of them is the most expensive dog in the world! The most expensive dog is a Tibetan Mastiff, who was sold for little more than $581,000. Can you imagine that?! What does he do? Does he speak?! Not really. He is a great dog, but he looks very much the same as any other beautiful Tibetan Mastiff. They are expensive dogs in nearly every country. They are known to be great guard dogs and people are willing to pay more than $2,000 to get one of those. However, this dog was much more expensive. The lucky owner paid more than a half of million for this eighteen month old Mastiff. This lady comes from China and she was so amazed by this dog, that she was willing to pay as much as needed, just to get him! In China, these dogs are rare, but who could possibly pay such great money for one of those?  This lady already owns one Tibetan Mastiff female. She wanted her dog the have a companion, so she just bought this male!

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