What Is the Most Expensive Coffee in the World

Kopi Luwak Is the Most Expensive Coffee in the World

What is the most expensive coffee in the world? If you like coffee, you will find this article interesting and maybe a bit shocking.  That’s right – shocking! Just keep reading and you will find out how the most expensive coffee in the world is produced. The world’s most expensive coffee comes from Indonesia. It is called “Kopi Luwak”. Let us explain the name first. Kopi is the word used for “coffee” in Indonesia. Luwak is the name of an animal that has an important (if not crucial) role in making this coffee.

How Is the Most Expensive Coffee Made?

The most expensive coffee in the world is made in very interesting and a bit shocking process. You see, this little animal – luwak, eats raw coffee beans. He cannot digest the beans completely, but can only digest the outer parts and he excretes the rest. This process results in special-flavored beans. Local people pick those beans and sell them. These beans are incredibly expensive.

This coffee is produced mostly in Sumatra, Bali, Java and the Philippines. It is also made in other surrounding islands of Indonesian Archipelago and in East Timor. The names used for this coffee different from place to place, but the coffee is the same and it comes from the same – animal! Now, if you like coffee, you would probably like to taste the most expensive coffee in the world, wouldn’t you…No? Why not? It is the best coffee you can taste and it will cost you a small fortune! It doesn’t really matter if it comes from the digestive tract of a cute little animal. Luwak is actually very cute animal and it helps Indonesian people make some money. They either keep these animals in cages or control their moving within boundaries. After the meal, luwak digests coffee beans and then excretes them. The beans are picked and washed, dried under the sunrays, and roasted just a little. This coffee is not very bitter.

Some people would probably throw up if they tasted this coffee, knowing how it was made. On the other hand, this is not so shocking, anyway. Regular coffee also grows outside with many animals around. It is also exposed to various influences and animal activities, so why would luwak’s activity be any different? No matter how it is produced, this coffee is certainly the most expensive coffee in the world, so it has got to be worth of all this money, don’t you think?

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