What Is the Largest Country in South America

Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro

What is the largest country in South America? The largest country in South America is Brazil.  This country is the only South American country to have Portuguese for its official language (other countries are Spanish speaking). There was a funny story about a foreign diplomat who was preparing to come to Brazil and represent his country there. He spent a great deal of time learning Spanish. Can you imagine his surprise after the discovery that people in Brazil actually speak Portuguese? Brazil is a very populous country, bordered by Suriname, Venezuela, Guyana, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia and Uruguay.

History of Brazil

From 1500 to 1815, Brazil was a Portuguese colony. Complete independence of Brazil was won in 1922. First, Brazil was an empire, and this type of political system lasted until 1889, when Brazil became a republic. The first Brazilian constitution was made in 1824.

Brazilian Economy

This country’s economy is among ten largest economies in the world. Brazil is also one of the founders of the United Nations and other important international organizations. There are many national parks and important natural resources as well. Brazil has a magnificent nature and wildlife. This country holds a great position among South American countries. When it comes to economy, Brazil is a leader in this part of the continent.

Political System of Brazil

Political sphere is equally developed like the armed forces, composed of Navy, Army and Air Force. Brazilian military has a great impact on the sphere of politics. However, Brazil is a democratic republic today. There are 26 states in Brazil. Each of them has a Governor.

Other Interesting Facts about Brazil

Major rivers are Negro, Igacu, Amazon, Xingu, Madeira, Parana and Tapajos. Brazilian people are famous for their sport talents and great sport accomplishments. Football is especially popular here. Some of the best football players ever came from this country. Some of the best world’s fashion models also come from Brazil.

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